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Tale to Terrify


May 15, 2020

On the way home from the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival, Henry and Tyra Lee find themselves tailgating their own car. As the ride continues over winding forest road, Henry finds himself riveted by the familiar shadows in the other vehicle, and the dark path toward which they may be traveling.

Now available in audio form as a podcast from Tales to Terrify!


"The Yesterday House"

September 2020

Drawn to a house he's never noticed in a neighborhood he passes every day, Nathan finds himself reunited with the aunt and caretaker he buried only days earlier. But life with Aunt Donna was complicated, and Nathan soon finds himself confronted with the traumas he's never found a way to escape.

Coming September 2020 from Aurealis, Australia's leading speculative fiction magazine!

Phantom Drift.jpg


January 2019

A boy on the roof of a house surrounded by floodwaters encounters a mermaid in "Magicland," Harrison Demchick's latest short story. "Magicland" appears in the January 2019 edition of literary magazine Phantom Drift: A Journal of New Fabulism. 

The Hunger.jpg

"The Bead"

January 2019

A man wakes to a warm gun against the wall and a conversation he's desperate not to understand. "The Bead," another story from the forthcoming Magicland collection, is now available in the Winter issue of The Hunger: A Journal.

The Listeners Cover.jpg

The Listeners

December 2012

In a borough quarantined due to an airborne illness that causes deformity, insanity, and death, a 14-year-old boy named Daniel, orphaned by the plague, is caught up with a one-eared gang/cult called the Listeners. But all he really wants is to find his best friend Katie, trapped somewhere in the quarantine. 

"Sicko action is minimal, with Demchick instead following the workaday structure of Colson Whitehead's Zone One (2011) while also incorporating the kind of primary documents seen in Max Brooks's World War Z (2006). [With] evocative nonlinear prose . . . Demchick's depth of focus is both confident and impressive."

-Booklist (Daniel Kraus, author of Bram Stoker finalist and Odyssey Award-winner Rotters)

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